Embracing Lawn Ornaments

When it comes to lawns, people have a variety of tastes. Some prefer to have only flowers and other plant life in their yard, while others choose to decorate with multiple lawn ornaments. If you have a passion for pink flamingos and garden gnomes, you don't need to be ashamed. You should proudly plant your freak flag in the world of yard kitsch.


Yard statues have a long and prestigious history. In fact, people in Europe have engaged in the practice since the Renaissance or even before when residents would place mythical creatures and saints in their yards. One particular Italian statue of the 1600s, a Gobbi, depicted a dwarf not unlike today's garden gnomes. In fact, the Gobbi statue led to the development of the dwarf statue and then the gnome. These creatures are said to have a particular connection to the earth, which is why they are placed in gardens and lawns. Once the fad hit the United States, gnomes popped up everywhere. Americans also enjoy a variety of other yard ornaments, including the concrete goose and numerous other animal decorations.


Lawn ornaments are frequently seen as tacky or kitschy, even among those people who place them on their yards. So why do people cling to their gnomes and pink flamingos? Perhaps because these items link us together. They are a cultural shorthand that says you are in on the joke or the tradition. Gnomes have certain characteristics in common. For instance, they wear red hats if they do not want to be seen. They are a symbol of magic and community and supposedly protect your fruit plants, gardens, and even livestock. The pink flamingo has become a sign of suburban American life, and those who display the flamingo are usually aware of the joke. The lawn ornaments you choose can say a lot about your personality.

Lawn ornaments also reflect contemporary culture. If you look around your neighborhood, you are bound to find some sort of zombie gnome or maybe even a frog. Although some people may find these objects unacceptable, people who embrace them clearly value tradition and have a sense of humor. If your neighbor has a concrete toad by the entrance to their home, you can feel confident that they are easy going and do not take themselves too seriously. You can also feel free to decorate your yard as you wish.  

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