Landscaping Ideas for Your Patio

Landscaping around a patio needs to do more than just look beautiful, it also must provide some privacy and shade. The goal is to create an outdoor space that makes you feel relaxed so that you love to use it. The following landscaping ideas can help you achieve the perfect patio. 

Add a border

A patio surrounded on all sides by lawn can feel out of place, much like an afterthought plunked down in the grass. Border beds are the way to soften the edges of the patio so it blends in with the rest of your landscaping seamlessly. You can opt for either annual or perennial flowers in your borders, or go for a lower maintenance option by planting low shrubs like lavender, monarda, or spirea. Other than an annual trim, these shrubs will grow and flower with minimal care. Just make sure that any plants you choose for the border have a pleasant scent, as you don't want any irritating plants near the patio area.

Use all-season shade structures

Shade is important. Overhead, a metal or wood cover, retractable awning, or a pergola structure can provide sufficient shade. All but the pergola also provide protection from rain. Depending on the orientation of the patio, you may also need shade to one side. For example, a west-facing patio can be very hot if it isn't shaded from the afternoon sun. An all-season structure shades the problem area year-round. It can consist of an outdoor curtain or shade that you pull down, or you can have a permanent structure, such as wooden lattice, installed.

Plant a living screen

Another way to gain shade while also increasing the privacy of your patio is with a screen of living plants. The best screen allows dappled sunlight through. You can opt for seasonal privacy by planting summer climbing annuals, such as morning glories and moonflowers or scarlet runner beans. Perennial options like ivy and climbing roses also work well. Tall grasses or a clumping bamboo variety will also provide a living screen.

Soften the slab

Finally, soften the look of your patio slab. Add an outdoor rug and include some soft furnishings, such as outdoor pillows and cushions, on the seats to make the space more inviting. Also, use plants to soften the appearance of the patio. A few pots bright flowers or graceful grasses helps blend the patio design in with the natural surroundings. Just opt for plants that can thrive in the shadier conditions, such as impatiens or wax begonias.

For more help, talk to a landscaper like Advanced  Landscape Solutions in your area.