Keeping Your Yard Lush And Beautiful: A Bit About Drip Irrigation Systems

When you have a yard that has trees, bushes, and flowers, you need to be sure they receive enough water to stay lush and beautiful. While you could go out and water them regularly, this can be time-consuming, and you may not water them properly each time to ensure they stay looking nice. A drip irrigation system best option is the best way avoid this problem.

Why Drip Irrigation?

There are a number of different irrigation systems available. But sprinklers on the ground create a wet mess of the yard. The water also may not all be absorbed where it is needed as some of it evaporates into the air. Overhead sprinklers wet the leaves and flowers, causing them to burn as the sunlight hits them and evaporates the water. This keeps the water from the roots as well. However, a drip irrigation sprinkler keeps a steady drip of water going directly to the soil where it can reach the roots so the plants can use it all. It saves on the amount of water used while providing the plants what they need.

Simple Parts

The system includes a thin hose that rests on the ground and travels around the base of the plants, underneath the leaves. Emitters are inserted into the hose where there are plants. The water drips from the emitters and seeps into the ground. Multiple hoses are used so that the plants that require more water receive it. This is accomplished with additional emitters and/or a pressure regulator on the hose.


It is easy to tell when the system is not working properly. If there are areas of ground that have water sitting and not being absorbed, either an emitter is missing or broken, or the pressure regulator needs adjusting. If you notice dry areas, additional emitters are needed or, again, the regulator needs adjusting. When water is sitting in an area that does not need it, there is a break in the hosing, and it needs to be repaired.

To be sure that the right amount of water is getting where it needs to go, contact a company that performs drip irrigation services. The experienced professionals understand how much water each type of plant requires and will install the right amount of emitters and adjust any required regulators to ensure this. They will also install a timer so that the water comes on and goes off when needed. They will come to your home to adjust the pressure and timing as needed throughout the year. All that is left for you to do is enjoy your beautiful yard.

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